Celebrating Pride Across Atlantic Canada

Celebrating Pride Across Atlantic Canada

June may be Pride Month, but don't worry, there are still lots of opportunities to march in a Pride Parade or take part in a celebration of queer culture at festivals across the Atlantic provinces this summer.

After a few years of celebrating 'Virtual Pride', we imagine a lot of people are just as excited as we are to get out and meet people in person (but don't forget - some of us still aren't huggers).

Event Province Dates
Halifax Pride NS July 14-24 (Parade July 16)
St. John's Pride NL July 15-24 (Parade July 24)
PEI Pride Festival PEI July 16-24 (Parade July 23)
Fierté Chaleur Pride NB July 29-August 1
Saint John Pride NB TBD (early August last year)
Cape Breton Pride NS TBD (early August last year)
Fierté Fredericton Pride NB August 13-21 (Parade August 21)

Shameless plug for our Pride Gear

If you're hoping to have one of our redesigned rainbow logo shirts in time for a specific Pride event, please be sure to get your order in 2 weeks before the event (10 business days, minimum). And don't forget that we donate a portion of the proceeds from each sale Rainbow Railroad, a non-profit that helps LGBTIQ+ individuals facing discrimination travel to safe countries (like Canada).


Does your town have a Pride event?

This is just a list of bigger festivals we were able to track down on Google. Did we miss your town's Pride events? Let us know in the comments (a link with details is ideal) and we'll add them!

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