Introducing our Everyday T-shirt BOGO!

Introducing our Everyday T-shirt BOGO!

Great news, ECAF fam: We've just figured out how to work the BOGO system in our store's back-end! So let's give it a go! Starting today, all t-shirts will be Buy One, Get One 15% off.

So get out there and buy that matching shirt for your significant other (maybe We're Probs Related?), or get yourself a second Maybe I'm Just Salty (I've got it in 4 colours).

Or maybe you really need the world to know that Campfires are Lit both nights on your next camping trip? I don't know!

Couple in East Coast AF t-shirts

Here are details:

  • Only applies to t-shirts, which should all be found in this collection.
  • You can use the discount up to 10 times per order. The first shirt in every pair will be regular price. The second will be 15% off.
  • The discount is applied automatically at checkout. If you don't see it on your chat, drop us a line in the chat or email and we'll get you fixed up.
  • No other discounts can be used in the same order as this one. Sorry, it's Shopify's limitation, not ours. :( 

The plan is to leave this on until we come up with a better deal, at which point we'll have to turn it off, temporarily (for, say... Black Friday/Cyber Monday? **head explodes**). We'll update this page if it's off.

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