Cyber Week 2020 - Save Throughout the Store

Cyber Week 2020 - Save Throughout the Store

Cyber week sale


It's Cyber Monday, and that means online savings! it takes a lot of work to go in and change the prices on everything in your store, though, so I figured we may as well make it Cyber Week, and then i don't have to worry about changing things back until next weekend. Phew.

What's on sale?

Pretty much everything that ships from Canada. So: t-shirts, onesies, hoodies, hats, totes, you name it. East Coast AF Logo Tees are an especially good deal. If I remember correctly, onesies are marked down a fair bit...Well, just go explore.

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What's not on sale are products that we still have printed or embroidered abroad. So crop tees and cap sleeve tees, primarily.

How much is the sale? How do I know the sale price?

It varies. The price we're charging is whatever is marked on the product page. There is no discount code necessary to get the best prices, and most discount codes have been disabled until the end of the sale on Friday.

When does the sale end?

Friday evening. Sometime after 5pm Atlantic, prices will revert to normal.

Will my Cyber Week orders arrive in time for the holidays?

Yes! Please check out our Holiday Ordering Deadlines blog post.

What if I have more questions?

Leave a comment or hit us up by email, Facebook, Instagram, you know the drill.

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